5 Compliments That Rich Women Can’t Resist

rich single womanDating is an amazing game, especially if your better-half is a successful, wealthy woman who knows her worth. Rich women aren’t easy to hook. They’re either too successful to date a commoner or simply too strong-headed to belong with him.

So, how to win over a rich single woman? Compliment her!

Because before being rich and successful, she’s a woman. And, women love compliments! But you’ll have to extra careful while complimenting your high-headed woman. Because you don’t want to sound too desperate or greedy, do you?

Also, compliments like – “You’re the most beautiful girl on Earth!” and “I had been waiting for you all my life.” are pretty lies. She’s been living in a real world and probably has heard all this a million times. So unless she has a pageant title in her name or you’ve been single your entire life, don’t use these compliments. She’s too smart to fall for it.

Instead, here are 5 compliments that rich women just can’t resist falling for.

“I like the way your mind works!”

This is a smooth compliment that brings about a smoother reaction. Most rich, successful women get accustomed to hearing, “You’re really smart!” and it doesn’t really make a difference if you say the same. However, if you choose to say – “I like how your mind works”, you’ll let her know that you were actively listening and appreciate the way she thinks in general, which is sure to sweep her off her feet.

“You look fantastic!”

If you say, “That’s a pretty dress”, she’s not going to fall for it. She probably has a hundred more and it doesn’t matter. What matters is how she looks in it. Call her fantastic, gorgeous, or sexy (if she looks like it). You can tell her, you love the way how she pulled it together because women spend hours deciding the accessories and shoes to pair up with an outfit. Compliment her earrings or choice of shoes; rich women like men who have an eye for details.

“You’re not like everyone else.”

Rich women think they’re different and outstanding and are flattered if someone agrees with this thought. Saying that “you’re not like everyone else” will make her day and will be a gentle reminder to her that you’ve noticed her uniqueness and are moved by it. But, make sure you DON’T say, “You’re not like other girls”, it’s a very sexist remark!

“I know, you’ll be there for me.”

There’s so much affection and trust behind this compliment that it’s actually a great pin-up. Though it can’t be used on your first meet, but after a few dates, it’ll be good to tell her that you know she’ll be there for you. This gives women a sense of power. She knows she has your back, but knowing that you expect and need the same will make her feel stronger. No, she won’t deem you less masculine but sensible.

“You’re good at it.”

It could be her driving, hobbies, work or daily struggles, complimenting her for managing everything so well will show that you noticed her talent and skill. Saying “you’re good at it” will motivate her for doing better.

Rich women are high-headed but not impossible to impress. Your choice of compliments will decide your fate, so choose them wisely. And, avoid the silly pick-ups, sexist remarks and stagnant compliments as much as you can because rich women are too classy for that crap and you might get roasted badly for it!

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