5 Kinds Of Men Rich Women Want To Date

single rich womenHave you ever wondered what dating rich women really entails? What do rich women seek for when before dating a man? Unlike other average women who obviously prefer to date rich men, rich women have it all. They can’t be impressed by the man’s wealth. Since money is not the issue, what then do rich women want?

More than anything else, rich women seek for attention and true love. They want a man who will be willing to give them the tender care as well as the love they so desire. This, however, does not translate to the fact that these wealthy women do not seek for some other things from a single man. It is only to establish the fact that rich women, just like every other average woman, desire a lot of attention from their man more than anything else. Asides the attention, other types of men rich women want to date include:

The Romantic Guy

These type of men will show up at your door with flowers, and drop cards around your home. Every rich woman wants this instead of sitting by the phone waiting for the guy to give her a call. Usually, these type of men is in love with the “love idea.” He carries your bags, and will always defend your honor.

This means they will definitely come on strong. These men are affectionate and will show you the softer part of the male counterparts. He will raise your expectations about how you wish to be treated.

Independent man

The fact that she is a rich woman doesn’t mean she wants to be the one catering for all her man’s needs. Rich women do not want a heavily dependent man who would do almost everything to suck them dry. They want an independent man. Notwithstanding, an unstable income, a single man must still be able to provide support in terms of affection and advice towards the woman’s plight.

The Older Guy

These type of guys are old enough. They have been earlier involved with enough women. They know that women require much more than dinner and a few shots to get them in the mood. Above all, these type of guys will never be late for dinner using playing Xbox as an excuse. He has lots of experiences to talk about both inside and outside the bedroom, enough to likely keep you on your toes. He will show you a different view of life.

Smart Dresser

Another thing rich women appreciate is a guy having a good dress sense and a good shoe to match it up. They love guys who will always look neat and well groomed. The “Smart Dresser” guy talk’s slick, dresses sharp and has the perfect looks of a man. Seeing him in his tailored suit will make you fall in love the more. This is exactly why he puts them on.

Social Guy

There is an interesting thing about men who are social. This is why rich women will always love then. Whether these type of men are meeting the family for brunch or out with friends, one thing is sure: He will certainly be the life of the party or occasion.
That’s not all, they’ll make you laugh a lot and you will learn how to let things slide and go with the flow. These types of men are usually quite spontaneous. They are often hard to predict. You should be ready for almost anything; from a quick dash to the club to a quickie.

Rich women require more than mere having sex and instead, they desire making love. Rich women want more from their man. The above are the kinds of men single rich women will want to date.

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