4 Things That Men Should Expect When Dating Rich Women

dating a rich girlHave you already dated rich women? Or are you currently dating a woman who actually earns more than you? Are you comfortable with it? To some guys out there, this situation can be such a painful kick in their ego.

There’s nothing wrong with dating a rich woman unless you can’t accept it because your ego is crushed and you make it such a big issue between you. Although it is really true that dating rich women is difficult, most especially when keeping up with her, as long as you both love each other, your relationship will never go wrong. The following are the 5 things that you should expect when dating a rich girl:

1.Her parents will certainly look down on you. If you are already thinking of a future with her then you must be aware of this fact, especially if her parents want a rich man also for their princess. They will probably not be happy if their daughter marries you. You will have to prove to them that their daughter made the right choice, but it may take years before they finally accept you as their son-in-law.

2.Your preference or taste will differ. This is one of the perks of dating rich women. She might prefer a fine dining while you will be happy with just a cheese or macaroni sandwich at home. If both of you don’t try to understand each other, this simple problem may lead to huge fights and arguments and before you know it, your relationship would then become very weak and fragile and will be already going down the rocks. There will also be a time that she’ll be upset and the worst thing that may happen is when you hear her tell you or express verbally that you are already incapable of making her happy.

3.Your time together will be just limited. With the fact that she is a professional, such as a female single doctor, you have to keep up with her schedule because she might be required to work in odd hours of the day and at night as well. Some rich girls also have to take business trips abroad for an extended period of time and your date will not be on a regular basis. Since she’s a rich, you must not complain unless you want to lose her forever. Remember that rich women or lesbian women literally hate complainers and this is the main reason why most of them do not have successful love life/ relationships.

4.Another thing that you must expect when dating rich women is that they will put their job first before you. If you want to have a future with her, you will have to keep up with her putting her job a priority than just to be with you. This is not anything personal because it is purely business.

If you are someone who don’t like playing second string, then it is much better that you just tell her all of your issues right away to let her know and if she really loves you that much, she’ll be willing to give up everything just for you. If that happens, then you are a very lucky man.

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