5 Ways To Keep A Rich Woman Happy Without Spending Money

date a wealthy womanRich women don’t have time for long talk. You can’t impress them by blabbing all day. The only way you impress them is by adhering to the popular adage that says action speaks louder than words. However, if you don’t want to spend money impressing your rich babe, then you must keep reading. They are more interested in searching for true love. This five easy tips will not require a dime. They will love up fully without any doubt.

Dress smart

These rich babes don’t care about your money, rather they prefer a guy who has a good dress sense and is presentable. You don’t need to break the bank buying all sort of designer outfits, they don’t care about brands. All you need to do is get you shirt starched and properly ironed and you’re good to go.

Talk intelligently

An empty vessel makes the loudest noise. These wealthy babes have seen it all and probably heard it all. They need to hear something new and interesting. Carry yourself like you’re well informed. The truth is you must also do your home work by educating yourself with recent happenings. This will help you sound well read even if you’re not educated. However, don’t act proud. It’s a turn-off.

Discover what she loves

Try and know what your rich babe wants and get all the relevant information you can about it. Love what she loves passionately and you will enjoy every bit of her. Don’t fake it or you will loose her. Get them to enjoy their hobbies and show genuine interest.

Make her laugh

Rich chics love to laugh. It makes them feel relaxed and loved. They easily get attracted to someone who can get them laughing all day. Generally, no one loves to cry but for these ladies, they will see you as an angel. It will make her eager to see you. You have to do it genuinely. Don’t try to be funny. Remain on a particular conversation and see how you can make it funny. They might have been heart broken so many times, so if you make them laugh, winning their heart becomes easy.

Be busy

You must have a schedule. Don’t always run to them. You mustn’t be available all the time or else they will get bored quickly. Sometimes don’t pick their calls. Make them feel your hard working and independent. But give them your time when they really need it. Don’t just speak of your dreams work towards them and they will love you the more.

If you want to date a wealthy woman, it doesn’t require your money. Just follow the tips and you will thank me for it later. Put them into practice, they work like magic.

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