6 Signs That The Rich Women You Dating With Is Not Really Into You

rich womenMany men won’t understand this until it’s past the point of no return. They would have either effectively surrendered or have officially succumbed to this rich lady, which is pretty much as terrible. The signs, in any case, are usually there right from the early moment of the relationship. She doesn’t respond to your texts on time, she makes excuses why she isn’t yet ready to meet your family and friends, and when it comes to her priorities, you hardly make the rundown. These are few of the signs that show clearly that she is not really into you:

The disappearing act

She tells you she misses you out of the blue, makes love to you like she can never let you go, then disappears for days, weeks or even months. She comes back with an excuse of being really busy at work. These are some of the questions that should pop up in your head: If you were really into a woman, would you like to talk to her from time to time? Would you like to see her? Would you like to hear from her? Would you decide to disappear on someone you really liked? No, you wouldn’t! So why then is it ok for her to just disappear on you then return like nothing really happened?

No sign of commitment
One of the things that make a relationship interesting is commitment. But it a different ball game when it comes to dating wealthier women. Most of them are not really into the relationship. Maybe because they are career women, maybe because of the wealth or even the ego, who knows? Some of them are just afraid of commitment. She will always find an excuse to make when it comes to commitment.

Choosing career over love
A growing number of women prefer to prioritize their career over their love life. They prefer to devote much time to their work rather than give their man enough attention. As a result of this, they find it really hard to keep up with the relationship. Most men are not comfortable with this. At the end of the day, the best solution is for both parties to go their separate ways.

Unwillingness to settle for less
All of a sudden, she becomes unwilling to settle for less than she thinks she deserves. She began searching for other potential mates since you are not up to her status. The majority of rich women had long assumed they would one day meet their Prince Charming through friends or at one of their social circles. She begins to take you just as one of the life’s cross path. Why then should she waste her precious time and energy unless she meets her standard?

Hard to impress, and doesn’t show appreciation
At a point in the relationship, they begin to lose interest. They do not appreciate the little things you do unless you are more sexually active. Should a true relationship be about sex alone? She begins to have this opinion that since you are not good enough, others will surely come by. She begins to be more secretive and dating conscious.

No intention of settling down anytime sooner
Many rich women feel they have to be ambitious offering them little or no concerns about settling down. How long does the guy have to wait before thinking about settling down if his woman isn’t ready?

The above are some of the ways that can help you know if the rich woman of your dreams is into you or not. Once you begin to question your feelings in a relationship, guess it’s time to determine what you really want. So tell me, guys, are you still dating a lady because of her wealth even after knowing she is not really into you anymore?

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