7 Types of Male Rich Women Hate

rich womenIs it possible to get attracted to every type of male? What then do women look for in their male counterpart that gets then attracted? There might be abundant qualities which make men desirable. But when it comes to dating, rich women are also selective as regards the type of guy they go out with. Women have formed particular stereotypes in men which they will never like to associate with.

Rich women over 40 or even those of different ages, intellectual interests, and societies have diverse thoughts concerning different types of men. Some prefer their men rock-hard, while others like them sweet. Some long for the stone-cold facade having a gooey heart, others prefer men with their solid bodies, while some long for the fleshy and fluffy male. Even with all these qualities, there is particular type of men that are disliked by women generally. Some of these include

The anti-feminist
These type of men do not just believe in female equality. They are always against females. The anti-feminist are of the belief that men and women are not equal, and women are not allowed to do just as men. This may be due to their ego.

Dating this type of men involves lots of bragging as regards the accomplishment of men coupled with allegations that women should only remain at home and be homemakers. No woman will wish for a man like this.

The macho man
Having a sexy and attractive body is quite different from being a macho man. In this case, we are referring to the machismo of the extreme kind. This type of males is usually of the opinion that they can do everything and anything.

To women, macho men think they do not require any form of help and go about to challenge every other male he sees. He is so full of himself, over confident, and extremely arrogant! Rich women dislike these type of men simply due to the fact that women are not fond of arrogant attitude.

The domineering male
A little bit of the macho type, a little of anti-feminist, disrespectful, bossy, and foul-mouthed. They are often referred to as the domineering type. They always like to take charge, orders their woman as regards what needs to be done, and are likely to yell at their woman anytime they get pissed. Even the most submissive woman often find them hard to be with.

The trash-trash talking kind of guy
These kinds of males are foul-mouthed and trash talking. They think they are they are actually cool by using dirty languages wish isn’t sexy at all. Yes, dirty talk is allowed during sex, but not all the time.

Women are not in any way comfortable with being around them just because they doubt the possibility of having a sensible and good conversation with someone who finds it hard to talk respectfully.

Mummy’s boy
There are stages you reach in life that you are expected to take charge of the thing. This is not the case of mama’s boys. They still require the permission of their mother to perform anything or take action. Taking charge is not possible for them.

Complete deadbeat
This kind of men have no job, neither do they have any career ambition. Since you are rich and comfortable, they are satisfied with spending your money. They only encourage you in order to enjoy your wealth and are not in support of fiscal responsibility.

The womanizer
These are they type of men who lust after every female body they come across. No one says you shouldn’t admire beautiful women but making it obvious is a no-no. Women take this as disrespect, feel insecure, and hate these type of guys a lot.

All the aforementioned are some of the types of guys that rich women hate and try to avoid any relationship with them at all cost.

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