For Rich Women: Six Signs He’s Dating You for Your Money (Golddigger)

dating rich womenHave you been suspecting you’re being turned into a sugar mama? How dependent has he been of recent? Does the man you are dating ask for money all the time? If the only response you deem fit all the above question is “Yes”, guess it’s high time you realize that he is only after your money.

The period of the females been tagged as gold diggers are coming to an end. These days, not only females are playing the love game for their partner’s money, men have also started to date rich women just for their money. How then do you know that your man is only after your wealth? Read on, as I take you through some of the signs that the man you are thinking you love is only dating you because of your money.

You have the sugar-mama potential.
Any woman of means has the sugar-mama potential. Either you are working in a law firm, a successful banker, business woman or simply a woman who is very good at what she does and well-compensated due to her skills, that makes you a possible sugar mama.

Widows and divorcees can turn to providers likewise. She might have lost her spouse who left behind a significant sum of money. Sometimes her divorce settlement can make her financially secure or she may be a successful career woman. Once you are wealthy, there is every possibility that he is only dating you to take a share of your wealth.

He is the expensive type.
Every gold digger likes expensive things. They love buying the expensive designers, wristwatches, and the likes. They love to visit the fanciest restaurants. They are first to think about weekend vacations, holiday trips, and the likes. You know why? You are in charge of the bill, why then should he bother?

A man is who is dating rich women for her money will constantly suggest going shopping together. He will be the one who makes frequent mentions about traveling with you. He regularly recommends going out to luxurious venues. Try not to be a victim of accepting or buying extravagant gifts.

He offers to pay at first.
At the beginning of the relationship, he acts as a total gentleman. He offers to settle every bill anytime you go out on a date, telling you not to bother. He is just doing all these to win you over. Once you start looking interested, he goes on to reveal his true identity. Sooner or later he stops taking care of the bills, expecting you to pay for things since you are the rich type.

He’s a complete deadbeat.
Even though working part-time or being unemployed doesn’t totally mean a guy is after your money, but if he has no career ambitions and is satisfied with spending your money, that’s an obvious sign.

Try as much as possible to be careful of men who only encourage you in order to enjoy your wealth and are not in support of fiscal responsibility.

He has financial troubles and asks for money too often
In case you notice that your man is only dating you because of your money, investigate whether or not he has a lot of debt on his neck or how often he borrows money. Be careful of men who runs away from responsibility as a result to his poor credit score or lack of funds. Typically, he blames a previous spouse or another woman for his woes. If you fall for this, you could be the next victim.

A sign that he sees you as a money making machine is asking for loan or money from you. Once you begin to notice this, have a chat with him concerning his financial situation.

Your instincts tell you this.
Above everything, listen to your instincts. Once you start having doubts after noticing some signs, give him a test, or just have a conversation with him.

All the above are some of the signs in a relationship that suggests that your man might be a financial opportunist. Once you are certain he is after your money, the best thing is for you to do away with him.

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