Should Rich Women Date Broke Guys?

rich women looking for menThe financial status of the man in a marriage is very important especially to the other half of the marriage – the woman. For rich women looking for men, the financial status of the man becomes a factor to be considered depending on the needs and wants of the woman.

The first side of the coin considers rich men dating that the man is rich and hence both parties earn probably almost the same income. In this case the woman would consider other features of the man that could be beneficial to her if they date. This means that a man that is caring and attentive would be very much preferred even if they both make the same amount of money yearly.

If it is the other way round which is what we are considering – a broke guy dating a rich woman, the consideration would involve a number of factors.

A broke guy that helps with domestic work and other minor chores around the house would be an asset for rich women looking for men. While the guy being broke does not necessarily translate to being jobless, the rich woman would not have a gold digger in her home and can be sure of not getting duped or scammed at any point.

It gets even better if the guy does not only help with domestic work but also puts in one or two things as regards the rich woman’s business. As broke guys are necessarily dump, having a broke guy as a date could actually be a blessing. This is so as the guy could be of great help as regards your business and he turns out to be real, then you might as well have hit a jackpot.

While the above factors could be favourable on one side, it could be a totally different story if the other side of the coin is shown. This would mean having a broke guy stay in your house without contributing anything even as small as picking up a fallen cup. Even when the broke guy might not be a gold digger his actions or inactions are enough to scare away any rich woman and in fact, rich women looking for men should avoid such guys.

Having analysed dating a broke guy from different angles, it is enough to say that a rich woman can date a broke guy but not just any broke guy as the attitude and profile of the guy should be carefully assessed before getting into the relationship.

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